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09 September 2006 @ 04:52 pm
Setting: The 10th Division
Characters: Starting with Ichigo and moving to everyone would would interact with him.
Rating: R(He Wishes)

During his training within Urahara Kisuke's underground room, Ichigo had decided to bring himself into Ban Kai form to try and enhance his Getsuuga Tenshou.

He felt himself tiring as he used it over and over again. Something was nagging in the back of his head about it.

"It's MY technique!"

Ichigo stumbled--his latest Getsuuga smashing open the ceiling and tearing open a hole into the 10th division.

" Well, Ichigo!? Are you finally stumbling!? Ohh, you are! It's my turn, now!"

Ichigo's eyes dulled over--a black hue coming over them, a hollow's mask forming over his face in a matter of moments. He began stretching his arms out, looking up towards the gaping hole in the ceiling. Crawling his way up, he tried to sniff out all the things he'd ever wanted out of the world...And since, somehow, Ichigo couldn't fight him back, he probably had a lot of free time available to try it all out...

Leaping into the district, he drew out his sword, twirling it idly by its black bandage and rushing out to accomplish every dark desire he could possibly have.