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[ FAQ ]

How does this RP work?

The way this RP runs is rather simple. Logs go on the main community (read further for explanation on how logs work) while characters use their personal journals as just that: personal journals. They will write entries (one entry a week is the requirement, plzkthx!) describing thier day, how they feel, or just spam the crap out of everyone else -- whatever is most in-character for you. [ example. ]

Questions, comments, introductious, hiatus announcements, drops, leaves, and random crack should all go into the OOC community. [ bun_ooc ]

The character I want has died in [Naruto] cannon! Are they already in Soul Society?

No. Your character will awaken in Soul Society just like everyone else and remember only up to the moment they died. This is to avoid confusion and make RPing easier for everyone.

The character I want has died in [BLEACH] cannon! Where are they?

Probably reincarnated someplace. As much as we want Shiba Kaien, Kurosaki Masaki, and others running around (and ohgod we so do) it would serve to avoid confusion if dead shinigami/characters remain so.

Can I put a character on reserve, and for how long?

You can put a character on reserve for a week. [7 days.] If you do not submit an application within those seven days, your reserve will be deleted to open the character up for someone else.

What is Soul Society?

Soul Society is the Afterlife, based on the BLEACH plotline. It is, essentially, where people go when they die - unless they are corrupt souls (i.e. rapists, murderers, etc) who cannot control themselves and fall prey to creatures known as Hollows, becoming hollows themselves. Soul Society consists of two portions, the cities where most people live, called the Rukongai; and the walled castle where the spirit world nobility and the shinigami live, known as Seireitei (lit. Court of Pure Souls).

It should be noted that even within Soul Society, no one is immortal. People grow old, albeit at a slower pace, and might be able to die of old age. They can also be killed in battle. A soul that dies in Soul Society is reincarnated on earth as a new human. [ More on Soul Society. ]

More than likely, if you play a Naruto character, they'll have absolutely no clue as to how Soul Society is run; so don't worry too much about it and learn along with your character.

Where in Soul Society will Naruto Characters end up?

Any given place in both Rukongai and Seireitei. It's really all up to you, but please do not have them randomly land inside of someone's house or anything like that without the player of that character's consent. 8D

Will Naruto characters be able to see/fight hollows? Will they have any amount of reiatsu (spiritual power)?

Naruto characters will all have a small amount of reiatsu (which is the energy in a soul that can be used to attack an enemy.) depending on their rank as shinobi and chakra control. Ex: Rock Lee will have a very small amount of reiatsu and not be able to see hollows clearly, but fight them all the same, while Sakura will be able to see and fight hollows clearly. Despite this, Naruto characters will not be able to form zanpakutou or perform Kidou. They will have to fight using genjutsu/ninjutsu/taijutsu/doujutsu/ninja-y-ness from their cannon.

When does this RP take place in BLEACH and NARUTO cannon?

BLEACH - During Ichigo's training as a vaizard; it starts when he goes home to visit the family for a day and, when shaving, catches a glimpse of Naruto in his mirror -- befoe it shatters.

NARUTO - Directly after the return of Sasuke; post time-jump. Naruto, Sakura and Sai arrive home and are given a new mission before Naruto can begin his training with Kakashi, and -- well, if you read the plot, you know what happens. :O

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