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[Open to all in Soul Society] [Insert Travelling Music Here] [Incomplete]

Characters: Tayuya, anyone who wishes to join.
Rating: .. giving it a PG-13, dueto laguage. May up it soon.
Setting: Throughout Rukongai and Seireitei, depending on where characters land.
Summary: The Aftermath.

"Just move out of my fucking way."

She stood before a tall, pale man; lean and boney, carrying a long staff of sorts as he stood before a giant gate. It had been fifteen minutes since her arrival, and by then, her temper had grown short. Why she had not just full-on punched the man to begin with was something that was beyond her.

Rukongai was a boring place. It was filled with old people who had more energy than the young, despite the lot of them being dead. Some ran small businesses, but otherwise, almost every town in Rukongai was the same; old, stupid, and boring. The closer you got tothe gates, though, the richer the communities seemed to get, and Tayuya had to question what kind of government would run the afterlife like this.

Not that she cared about unfairness; if she could hep it, she wouldn't have to give a flying shit about Rukongai.

"If you won't move out of my way, shitwit," she hissed, a grin playing upon her smooth lips. "Then I'll hafta make your ass move."

Chakra and reiatsu flared, kicking up a slight wind, before Tayuya ran for the guard.
Tags: hisagi shuuhei, open log, tayuya
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