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09 September 2006 @ 04:52 pm
Setting: The 10th Division
Characters: Starting with Ichigo and moving to everyone would would interact with him.
Rating: R(He Wishes)

During his training within Urahara Kisuke's underground room, Ichigo had decided to bring himself into Ban Kai form to try and enhance his Getsuuga Tenshou.

He felt himself tiring as he used it over and over again. Something was nagging in the back of his head about it.

"It's MY technique!"

Ichigo stumbled--his latest Getsuuga smashing open the ceiling and tearing open a hole into the 10th division.

" Well, Ichigo!? Are you finally stumbling!? Ohh, you are! It's my turn, now!"

Ichigo's eyes dulled over--a black hue coming over them, a hollow's mask forming over his face in a matter of moments. He began stretching his arms out, looking up towards the gaping hole in the ceiling. Crawling his way up, he tried to sniff out all the things he'd ever wanted out of the world...And since, somehow, Ichigo couldn't fight him back, he probably had a lot of free time available to try it all out...

Leaping into the district, he drew out his sword, twirling it idly by its black bandage and rushing out to accomplish every dark desire he could possibly have.
whenboobsattack on September 12th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
The gaping hole was a little more than noticable, and Rangiku, who was--for once--not drinking or lazing around on Toushirou's couch, was the first to respond. She'd been heading back to check on Orihime's temporary quarters when the Getsuuga Tenshou ripped through the sky, and could only stop in her tracks and watch.

".. Crap." With a hand on the hilt of Haineko, Rangiku ran by the captain's quarters, slapping the automatic alarm. She had no time to make an announcement, afterall, and she was sure that Toushirou wouldn't take this as another prank. Hopefully.

It wasn't until she caught sight of Ichigo that she realized that this was, indeed, some kind of emergency. What the hell had happened!?

"Kurosaki!" she called, hurrying after him, "What the--What is the meaning of this?!"
wannabeaninja on September 12th, 2006 11:18 pm (UTC)
"Ten seconds 'til departure.. ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts.. we're ascending! Please enjoy this flight, for we--" Orihime gasped, grasping at the paper plane she'd constructed (a full airliner, complete with engines and small wheels; Orihime was always one for detail, after all.) and throwing her hands up into the air.

"Emergency! Emergency! There are snakes on this plane! Everyone, run--!" She fell back with a shriek, the very impact of Ichigo's attack shaking the ground and forcing her to drop all thoughts of Snakes, Planes and Bad Mother Fuckers.

"What was.." her eyes grew wide, and she immediately rose to her feet, hurrying out of the 10th division's barracks and speeding toward Ichigo's direction; the very reiatsu that he was exerting was enough for her to catch on to his location quick enough, but the sight of his form nearly caused her to trip. ".. Kurosaki-kun..!?"
ichidoesntknow: hollowchillinichidoesntknow on September 12th, 2006 11:41 pm (UTC)
This was his first actual encounter with the real world outside of fighting. The Seireitei seemed to have much nicer air than the depths of Ichigo's psyche. Flinging himself into the bright sunlight, Ichigo breathed in and out, twirling his sword and swinging it through the floor, simply to feel the rush of exercise. He could probably get tired in this body, unlike Ichigo's world. He had limitations here--but who was he kidding?! Not many!

In this new world, he had a lot more things to do. He could eat, he could drink, he could sleep, he could fight... And he could do a variety of things with women that he felt Ichigo was neglecting as an aging teenager. As he was running to go find one of three things: a fight, something to eat or a woman-- he found one pretty quickly. Then, a second one. This was turning out to be rather lucky for him.


Shut up, Ichigo. Ya feel like a bug on my head--all you are right now is annoying. " Oi, two women already. I didn't know I was so popular...And your names...they're comin' to me...You, Blondie, are..."

Matsumoto Rangiku. 10th Division Vice Captain.

" Ohhh, Rangiku. Heh, and the other chick is..."

Inoue Orihime, My...

" And you, you're Orihime. Heh! It must be a good day for two good looking girls to approach me the second I get out? So, eh? What's with the flustered look? Hollow got your tongue?"

Ichigo suppressed his reiatsu wholly, to the peak where he was now shrouded by Rangiku and Inoue's own surprised auras.

Ichigo turned his hand, holding zangetsu against his shoulder and eyeing the girls one last time, before turning on his heel and looking to the sky.

" That ringing noise.."

An alarm, asshole...Give me my body back, or...!

I'll kill these two girls right now, Kurosaki.


" Is that an alarm I hear? I should hurry, then."
k_pachi on September 13th, 2006 09:33 am (UTC)
Kenpachi heard the noise a few hours after making his way out of the 11th division. He'd been runing around searching for any signs of Ryoka or his pink-haired vice captain. The current score was still Kenpachi: 0, Kenpachi's Horrible Sense of Direction: 1. It was humiliating really.

Of course, now that there was an alarm and a sound to follow...

He sped off towards the 10th division, hoping against hope that it was someone he could fight. Arriving at the scene, he caught sight of Matsumoto and that little girl he helped back during the first ryoka-incident... and Ichigo.

"ICHIGO!" He yelled, trying to stop the boy in his tracks just as he looked ready to flee, "Get over here and fight me!"
ichidoesntknow: hollowantsyichidoesntknow on September 13th, 2006 02:16 pm (UTC)
Kenpachi! This was definitely fine luck for him--two of the three things he wanted were in simple and close reach. And it looked like one of those things would be done with soon!

" Kenpachi! I don't need to search Ichigo's memories to find out who you are...That guy, all he does is think about those he's fought and how he can use what he's learned... "

Chuckling, the Hollow Ichigo put his hand against the side of his face and drew out his mask once more, it binding against his skin and spreading down towards his neck.

" C'mon, bells, let's dance!"

Tearing his butcher's knife backwards and grabbing the wrapping of the handle, Ichigo hurled his zanpakutou straight for Kenpachi like a missile.
k_pachi on September 14th, 2006 02:19 pm (UTC)
Kenpachi barely had time to draw and lift his zanpakuto, effectively blocking the attack aimed at him. He slashed outwards, pushing the sword away and observed his attacker.

“Ichigo?” His eyes narrowed at the strange reiatsu flowing out of the shinigami in front of him. Stranger yet than the reiatsu was the mask on its face. It almost looked like… a hollow mask?

…whatever. He’d let everyone else puzzle it out. As it was, he was finally getting his fight.

Excited, his reiatsu spiked and flared, a veritable fireworks display for anyone within Seireitei. He let lose a feral grin and attacked Ichigo head-on. He’d wasted enough time already.
ichidoesntknow: HollowProudichidoesntknow on September 14th, 2006 05:39 pm (UTC)
Hahah! This guy was good, to deflect that direct attack so calmly. He tore his hand up and wrapped his fist full of the black material holding his sword and swung it around the air in front of himself, watching Kenpachi approach.

Don't let him get close, moron!

Why not? Ichigo must not have thought through all of his fights and practiced in this kind of situation. Hollow-kun knew what he was doing, after all.

As Kenpachi neared him, Ichigo swung his Zangetsu through the ground and upwards, having not touched the handle at all--a red hue taking the blade's edge. As Kenpachi swung towards him, he released a spiral of a Getsuuga straight for the captain, a sneer coming across his face--feeling Kenpachi's sword slice against his shoulder. He let Kenpachi's attack hit so he could get in a bigger counter-attack. The only down-size was the time it would take to re-obtain the handle of his weapon.
k_pachi on September 16th, 2006 04:02 am (UTC)
Kenpachi felt the distinct bite of Ichigo’s attack, facing it head on and continuing with his own. He’d faced stronger bankai’s, more painful attacks.

He took the Getsuuga to his side but managed to keep his balance, using the momentum to land on the ground not far from his opponent. Blood drops scattered and his side ached but he felt great. It had been a while since anyone had drawn any real blood and he was starting to worry that he was never going to fight a battle like the one he had with Ichigo the last time. It seemed the orange haired teenager was the only one who could give him a real right now-a-days.

Wasting no time, Kenpachi pushed forward through the dust and took the opportunity to strike at Ichigo. The boy’s weapon was still far away, it was apparently the type of attack that took a person a while to recover from.

He struck at the other shinigami, his sword slashing down at an angle.
ichidoesntknowichidoesntknow on September 16th, 2006 08:18 am (UTC)
Ichigo watched Kenpachi breeze by and take his attack nonchalantly. This would certainly be more interesting than what he watched before. He dragged his hand back and tugged his weapon to grab back--his body narrowly side-stepping from Kenpachi's sword. But at that angle, he would be left open to a horizontal swing. This is why Ichigo began forming a cero into his left hand.

" Oi, Oi! Don't move so slow, I might get bored, here!"
Kuchiki Rukiashirayukisecret on September 16th, 2006 08:28 am (UTC)
Rukia had known that he would be coming here, after all the threats and the big talk that had passed between them. She had told herself that when she saw him, she would be brave, she would be strong. She would be the perfect mentor to Ichigo and she would bring him back to his right self.

She faltered for a second, firstly from the shock of seeing him look so different, and secondly because she was stunned by the fight with Kenpachi. But even now, she supposed that it was the best time to jump in.

I'll stop you from getting bored. I asked for this after all. She felt the energy building itself up, like she had done so many times. Rukia raised her arms and brought them forward sharply as blue light shot towards Ichigo.

"Destructive art number 33: Blue fire crash down!"
ichidoesntknow: Hollowshockedichidoesntknow on September 16th, 2006 08:55 am (UTC)
Standing up straight, Ichigo felt Rukia's reiatsu flare and fire off a Kidou at him. He turned his hand, sealing his cero after using it to deflect the kidou away from himself. Leaping aside--he dragged his sword after himself until it fell back into his hand.

It was her! Oh, man, Ichigo was gonna have a fit. This wasn't going to be fun, with her here. Maybe if it were only her, it might be fun. Not for Ichigo, at least.

Let me out, goddamnit! I'll fucking kill you if you--!

Shut up, Ichigo! It's time I really take control, here!

So, the hollow in him began to shift. His clothing began to part--the hole in his chest revealing as a white goo began to drain out of him and harden into plating.

At that point, he was transforming into a full Hollow.
Kuchiki Rukiashirayukisecret on September 16th, 2006 09:05 am (UTC)
Rukia wasn't too surprised to see that 'Ichigo' hadn't been harmed at all by her kidou. The purpose of it had been to surprise, not to hurt. But in fact, it was her who was surprised as she watch the transformation.

What...is that?!

Expression hardening, Rukia instinctively reached for her sword. But maybe right now would not be the best time for that. Her sword was her strongest ally, and she only wanted to break it out as a last resort. Still, her grip tightened.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.

If he was transforming into a full hollow, that could mean several things. Either Ichigo was lost completely (Rukia refused to believe that) or perhaps the hollow saw her as a threat. She would have to help Ichigo regain control by weakening the hollow. Maybe if she tried talking to him, distracting him so she could get a clear shot.

"No 'hello' for me, then?" she called out, watching the transformation complete with sick fascination. "That's how you greet people? Even Ichigo has manners."
ichidoesntknow: hollowantsyichidoesntknow on September 16th, 2006 09:18 am (UTC)
As he began to transform into a hollow, Ichigo tore his arms back and hurled a wave of reiatsu right for Rukia. His jaw opened up and out hissed black smoke, his free hand bringing Zangetsu upwards. In one sharp drop of his hand--he slashed his side open and tore off shingles of the hollow's armor.

" Fuck off, already! This is my..My body...And you'll never keep it!"

No! Never, asshole!

Shut up, Ichigo, really? I'm busy!

Suppressing Ichigo once more, Hollow-kun drew Zangetsu from his bleeding midsection, calmly tossing his mask back to the side of his face, his stained black eyes glaring at them.

" I have other ways of holding this guy back. As for you, Rukia, it really was a mistake for you to come... Besides, I can annihilate you all with...."

Grinning, he drew his sword out--the bandages wrapping around his right arm.

" Ban Kai!"
Kuchiki Rukiashirayukisecret on September 16th, 2006 09:27 am (UTC)
Rukia nearly winced as she watched 'Ichigo' slice at himself, the armour falling away. Slightly relieved that the hollow transformation had not completely set in, she still did not allow herself to relax.

And it was just as well that she hadn't. One threat had been stopped only to be replaced with another that was just as dangerous.

But had her words gotten through ever so briefly? She had to keep trying, had to keep him distracted until more help could come.

"I was already here," she said, body tense, ready for an attack. "It was you who came to this place." Energy building once more, her hand growing hot, her arms moving sharply...

"Blue fire, crash down!"

It wasn't much, but at least it was something.
ichidoesntknow: hollowichiichidoesntknow on September 16th, 2006 09:34 am (UTC)
I won't let you hurt them! If only for this one chance, I'm keeping you the fuck away from them!

...! Rukia's kidou missed me, but...!?

"Damnit, what the hell are you...!?"

Ichigo, the moment he formed hid Ban Kai, turned on his heel and disappeared, using a huge burst of hyperspeed to flee. The entire time, he was cursing at himself and screeching at himself for being such a bitch.

Ichigo! The second I get back there, you know what I'll do!

Moron! There's no way in hell I'll give you enough control for that! When I find a way to gain control back, you'll be fucking SORRY!

And lemme tell 'you', I-chi-go... My freedom will prevail. I've had enough of your oppression. It's time for the king to rise to the top! And 'besides'...Where will you bring me in this little brief stint of power, huh!? To another place where I can have fun!?


No answer. So, you're just buying time, huh!? Ahah, what a moron you are, Ichigo!
k_pachi on September 16th, 2006 12:56 pm (UTC)
He'd stepped back the moment the small Kuchiki entered the picture. Normally he wouldn't have given the fight to someone else but their lovers spat fight gave him the feeling that he should let the smaller Shinigami try to handle the situation.

SHIT. Robbed of another fucking fight.

He'd grit his teeth in frustration (what a fight that would have been...) when Ichigo had started to change into a full-Hollow and bit his tongue to keep from yelling at the Kuchiki girl to just fucking draw her Zanpakuto already when it was apparent that her kidou wasn't even going to scratch Ichigo.

He even watched as his only source of entertainment ran off, propelled by a strong burst of Reiatsu.

"Oi Kuchiki, we gunna run after him or what?"

((ooc: I'm so sorry my replies are all so late. x( I'll do better, I promise.))
Kuchiki Rukiashirayukisecret on September 19th, 2006 09:50 am (UTC)
Clutching her sword tightly to stop herself from shaking, Rukia looked towards the way that 'Ichigo' had gone. Why had he run away? Was it because the real Ichigo had managed to break free for a moment and had decided to remove himself from doing any more harm? Or was it that the hollow wanted to cause trouble elsewhere?

It was her duty to follow. She couldn't just leave Ichigo like that.

"Yes," she said simply to Kenpachi, bracing herself and then shooting off.
k_pachi on September 19th, 2006 02:52 pm (UTC)
He grunted his assent and took off after her, easily keep pace.

Kenpachi couldn’t detect reiatsu for squat but the strong, erratic bursts of energy from ‘Ichigo’ were easy enough to follow (as was the small shinigami in front of him).

He frowned a little to himself even as he felt them getting closer to the familiar reiatsu. What was that he’d seen earlier. It was, quite obviously, not Kurosaki but if that wasn’t who it was supposed to be…

They rounded several corners, finally catching sight of a familiar shock of orange hair.
ichidoesntknow: Hollowshockedichidoesntknow on September 19th, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
Hollow Ichigo had been running quite fast(despite him trying to slow Ichigo down once he got control). He turned on a corner quickly, once he felt Kenpachi's reiatsu near him. It wasn't good--Ichigo was fighting and he was trying to avoid running at the same time. A collision would happen unless--

Ichigo turned once more, now driving his sword into the wall next to him. He'd have to address Ichigo in person if he wanted him to lighten up. But, this wasn't going to happen, so, he was going to make a threat--one that might just stick.

" Ichigo...I swear, if you keep fighting like this, I might kill everybody you know--not before I've raped the women. Trust me on this, Ichigo...It won't matter which of us did it. You will take the fall.. "

What proceeded this was a series of screams and curses, the which of like this Hollow hadn't even imagined. He thought to himself, " ... That's where I get my imagination, eh?"

But, Hollow Ichigo lost his voice rather quickly. What he felt was a huge surge of reiatsu from Ichigo in his left side--one that trickled up to his face and attempted to remove his mask. NO.

As Kenpachi were to see an orange head of hair, he'd find Ichigo almost completely transformed into a hollow--his hair now a mane like a lion's, holding Tensa Zangetsu between two fingers and chuckling cruelly.

" Kenpachi. Rukia. My name is Kurosaki Ichigo. How do you do?"
k_pachi on September 20th, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)
Fuck. Kenpachi had no idea what was happening but he was willing to bet that it wasn’t good.

He watched as Ichigo’s face was consumed by a hollow mask—a hollow mask??—and as the new creature in front of them introduced himself.

" Kenpachi. Rukia. My name is Kurosaki Ichigo. How do you do?"

Kenpachi was a beyond being a little confused but he didn’t show it. Instead, his face split in a large grin, his eyes narrowing in anticipation of a good fight. Reiatsu swirled around, thick as a snow storm.

“I have no idea what the fuck that thing is Kuchiki,” He paused, swinging his sword downward in excitement, “But I’m going to fight it.”
Kuchiki Rukiashirayukisecret on September 22nd, 2006 06:34 pm (UTC)
You would fight anything, you dolt. Rukia glanced towards Kenpachi, who seemed to be surging in anticipation of a good battle. It would be good if Kenpachi could fight; he might be able to knock 'Ichigo' out enough for the real Ichigo to get some control. But she couldn't risk her Ichigo getting hurt too badly.

"Don't hurt him," she said, wondering how much of her words were lost on Kenpachi. No doubt to Kenpachi, a fight was a fight and the object of it was to hurt your opponent as much as possible. "Ichigo is in there somewhere."

She didn't address the hollow. He didn't deserve to be spoken to.
ichidoesntknow: HollowExcitedichidoesntknow on September 23rd, 2006 03:16 am (UTC)
Ichigo dug his sword into the ground--tendrils of black reiatsu forming around his right hand and spreading all over his arm towards the ground, anchoring itself like flower-petals. He tore his sword up, hurling a massive torrent of a black Getsuuga towards Kenpachi and Rukia--disappearing the moment it was hurled.

He stood behind the two of them, swinging down a second Getsuuga right for their backs, almost instantaneously.

k_pachi on September 23rd, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)
Kenpachi cursed loudly and released his reiatsu. Using his zanpakuto, he focused and threw his own energy at the first Getsuuga, trying to neutralize it as best as he could.

He quickly spun around and grabbed the Kuchiki girl by the scruff of her neck, pulling her behind him. He swung his sword upward with a flurry of reiatsu, and dug his feet into the ground, anticipating the hit.


He felt the string of the first hit and hoped that the Kuchiki girl wasn’t vaporized by the attack. The second hit tore at his limbs and his skin split open; nothing new.

When the swirling reiatsu cleared, he was standing there, a little bloodied up but still standing. On his face was a large grin.

“That all you got ‘Ichigo’???”