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Broken Universe :: A Bleach/Naruto Crossover RP

Where the dead are alive and the alive are ninjas

Broken Universe :: A Naruto/Bleach RP
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A small mirror sits wrapped, thickly packaged and sealed into a small parcel. The mirror, known only as the Mirror of Soul, is both a legend and a relic that has been sought out throughout the fire country by the fire shinobi, as well as both thier allies and enemies. It is said to contain the passageway to the afterlife; where both loved ones and dark beings reside. To possess the mirror is to possess the key to the world of the dead - a priviledge only bestowed upon Death himself.

And most recently, one unknowing Uzumaki Naruto.

Strict orders were given to his team by the Hokage herself: deliver the package as quickly as possible, don't talk to strangers, and do not open the package at any cost. Sakura and Sai left with the mission's objective set in their minds, but the young bijuu left with other ideas.

On their first night of camping, Naruto's willpower broke and he took off with the parcel, ripping it open to reveal a simple hand-mirror. Both surprised and disappointed, the boy could only sit around, mope, and kick rocks as he stared into the mirror. It was only when his reflection shifted; when wild locks of blond shifted to a strange orange, that he sprung up and yelped, staring at an equally surprised Kurosaki Ichigo.

Naruto regained his composure just in time to hear the mirror shatter.

The ground began to shake, earth cracking around him just as the glass of the mirror had, before the land burst around him and flew for the shards of the mirror, successfully knocking Naruto out.

He awoke atop a roof, sitting up and coming face to face with what looked like feudal Japan. Both hungry and lost, he took off down the streets of a place called Rukongai to find Ichiraku Ramen his friends.

At that same time, alarms were ringing throughout Soul Society, proclomations of intruders spreading throughout both Rukongai and Seireitei - and not just a small group of ryoka, but hundreds, thousands of intruders who were certainly not dead.
1. No powerplaying or godmodding. Contact another player to discuss plots and actions beforehand.

2. Please use good spelling and grammar. We understand that typos happen but we do not tolerate numbers as letters. LJ has a spell check feature when you post if you need it.

3. Logs over 300 words should be put under an lj-cut to avoid friends-list clutter. Same goes for logs that have a rating higher than PG-13 - lj-cuts with specific warnings, please.

4. All players require a character journal with no exceptions.

5. You are allowed a maximum of four characters only.

6. OOC problems? Take it into the mods. No flaming around here.

7.This RP will be mostly done via journals. If you RP in a chat/IM, then please post the entire log without any OOC comments. More info on logs can be found in the FAQ

8. As a general rule: third person, past tense in posting, first person in journal entries. At least one journal entry should be made every two weeks. You should post in the RP at least once a week. It sucks when a thread can't go anywhere because of one person.

9. This rp is yaoi/yuri/het friendly. There is no set rating, but if you're posting something, just remember to note any ratings or warnings in your post.

10. OOC posts (including introductions and absence notices) should be posted in bun_ooc

Read the rules? Decided who you want to play? Great! Fill in the application below and post it as a new comment here.

Name: [ alias or whatever. ]
Email: [ Your email. ]
Contact Info: [AIM // MSN // Yahoo. Please put NA if you don't have one of these messenger services. ]
Character: [ The Character you're applying for. ]
Character Age: [ Your character's age in the current cannon. If no age is given, just write N/A. ]
Dead or Alive: [ Applies to both series, though shinigami are a given. Please read the FAQ concerning dead Naruto characters. ]
Personality: [ how your character acts. ]
Background: [ Your character's background up to where the RP begins. ]
RP Sample: [ A narrative RP post. Third person past tense please.]


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